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Best point for group discussion in job interview

gdग्रुप डिस्कसन के समय आप पॉजिटिव सोच के साथ अपनी बात को कहेंगे और ऐसा टॉपिक जिसके बारे में आपको जानकारी नहीं है या अधूरी जानकारी है उसे ग्रुप डिस्कसन के समय अपने टॉपिक में ना लाए।


India needs good leaders

Hello sir,

In my point of view, India needs good leader. Nowadays people are no aware of politics.

India needs a good leader because the corruption in India increases day by day. So if the leader is strong than he doesn’t allow anyone to do whatever they want to do. The good leader must have the quality of controlling the whole organisation come under him and take decision in the favor.

Yes, of course, we need well-educated politician but the first quality we need in our politician is honest passion actuality towards our nation.


आप इसी बात को अपनी भाषा में दूसरी तरह से भी कह सकते है आप अपने विचार में किसी महान व्यक्ति के किसी कोटेशन का यूज़ भी कर सकते है।

Hi friends.

Nice topic to discuss according to my opinion.

India must need a good educated leader to grow our nation. Our ancestors said that ‘Education is the power’ some people are saying that why we need educated leader only why can’t experience person.

In our generation most of the people’s mind is need only for money. So they people decided to vote for which politicians can give high money while in election times. I request all people to choose good leader for our country to improve.


What voters should be allowed NOTA ((None of the above)?

इस तरह के टॉपिक के लिए आपको उस टॉपिक की जानकारी होना जरुरी है, आप इस तरह की जानकारी समाचारों से, अख़बार पड़ कर इकट्टा कर सकते है, इस तरह के टॉपिक पर डिसकस करते वक्त आपको आम जनता के व्यूज पर भी ध्यान देना चाहिए की उन सब की क्या सोच है इस बारे में,इसे भी आप अपने टॉपिक का हिस्सा बन सकते है।

Hello my all friends…

First, it will tell the public what is NOTA, this is what happens.

According to me, NOTA are a good decision from election. NOTA are very useful to the voter. If the voter thinks candidates are not eligible to as a leader then voter choice is nota. If NOTA vote is higher then ec will be re-conduct the election but in this time.

By NOTA all of us get the chance to present their views, with the help of NOTA we have public view therefore nOTA is very useful for voter and public.

Hello sir…

NOTA are a good choice for public to reject the undeserving candidates. It is the best way to select the best one who can be helpful or beneficial to the public. In case, public is not interested in standing candidates they have a chance to raise the voice for perfect.


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